Viewpoints Route (Ruta de los Miradores)

The Viewpoints Route is an itinerary of 25 km long , departing from Cariño and finishing in Cedeira, or vice versa. Traverse all A Capelada Range, visiting most of its viewpoints, among them, Ortegal Cape Lighthouse, Limo viewpoint, Miranda viewpoint, Vixía de Herbeira viewpoint, O Cruceiro viewpoint... , so as Sto. André de Teixido village, where is situated the famous Sanctuary “vai de morto o que non foi de vivo” (who don´t  go alive, they will go death), the end  of Pilgrims Way (Romeros) and a place very known in Galicia. 

Important details


  • By car, bus o motorhome, from Cariño, to Ortegal Cape, after returning to the lighthouse, turning on right marked as “Miradores da Capelada”. Then continue the signal  “Vixía de Herbeira / Sto. André de Teixido” by road DP2205 , after to Cedeira.
  • To the viewpoint Miranda no  access by bus o motorhome.
  • Make the route in cloudless and no foggy weather,  you will enjoy the visit.
  • It is recommended to wear warm clothing to visit the highlands.
Situación GPS:
  • Starting from Cariño: 43.740290, -7.868581
  • Starting from Cedeira: 43.660769, -8.053842