A Miranda viewpoint

A Miranda viewpoint is situated on the top of A Miranda Mountain, in Landoi parish, high to 498m over the sea level. It has an almost 360º panoramic view over the Ría (estuary) with amazing views of A Capelada Range, Cariño and its port, Estaca de Bares Point, Espasante and Ortigueira villages. In the immediate surroundings there are some communication antennas, located at this place due to its strategic position.

Important details


  • By car, from Cariño, follow the panels “Vixía de Herbeira / Sto. André de Teixido” by road DP2205 , after turn left in the when you find a panel “Miradoiro da Miranda”. Follow the paved route to the top of the mountain. After walk 50m by a path in antennas .
  • By bus / motorhomes, NO ACCESS. It is possible to reach the top of the mountain walking approximately 3km.
  • On foot, from Cariño, 2h walking through Sto. André de Teixido road DP2205 (one way) and turn left at the indicated deviation.
Car park: 50 m far away from the viewpoint, on the top of the mountain. Place for 5 vehicles. Access on foot by a path going through in the antennas.
  • During autumn, in the pine forest, you will find some mushrooms.