Herbeira cliffs

Herbeira cliffs are situated in A Capelada Range  between Cariño and Cedeira municipalities. They are the highest in the continental and coastal Europe, with a gradient of 80% .  
On the top is located Vixía de Herbeira, a viewpoint at 613m high over the sea level. Here we will find a stone sentry box dated from 1805, built as part as a coastal surveillance system, integrated by other sentry boxes.

From here we will have a view of the horizon towards Northwest and the coast until Prior Cape (Ferrol) in clear days, towards Southwest. 
Lashed permanently by strong winds, on the base of the cliffs is situated the only beach in the world with black non volcanic sand, near Teixidelo village, colour due to rocky materials components Ortegal Cape Complex. The access to this beach is very complicated so do not hesitate to contact a specialized guide. 
In the surroundings of the viewpoint was built a wind farm, using this strong wind almost permanently. 
Herbeira cliffs are included in L.I.C. Costa Ártabra Natura 2000 network as Special Conservation Area (Z.E.C.), and they are transit point for migratory birds, watching them from the viewpoint or the adjacent fields.

Important details


  • By car or bus, from Cariño, follow the panels “Vixía de Herbeira” by road DP2205.
  • On foot, there is a 3 hours itinerary from Cariño, route 3 (one way) .
Car park: 50 m far away from the viewpoint, on the side of the road DP2205. A large esplanade. Buses allowed.
  • Strong winds zone and frequent fog.
  • It is recommended to wear hot clothes all the year.